10 Years With No Parole for a “Lewinski”

Was this REALLY “aggravated child molestation?” NO!

Saw this on Drudge…Here’s a kid who at 17 let a 15-year-old give him a Lewinski special and now is doing 10 years for it.

Problem is, some other girl at the party claimed she’d been raped. That’s not what the video showed, though. But the police also noticed this girl finishing off one boy, then turning to start on another. She was 15, he was 17. Now, if he’d been boffing her, that would have been a simple misdemeanor. But a BJ? Oh, no–that’s a felony. With a ten year mandatory minimum sentence (a fact the jury was not allowed to know).

The prosecutor is an ass. A certifiable, in-your-face-shit-head:

Every story needs a villain, and in this one, the villain’s hat has been placed squarely on the head of Barker, the prosecutor and a former college baseball player. Barker doesn’t write the laws in the books to the left of his desk. He simply punishes those who break them.

“We didn’t want him to get the 10 years,” he says. “We understand there’s an element out there scratching their heads, saying, ‘How does a kid get 10 years under these facts?’ ”

In Barker’s eyes, Wilson should have taken the same plea agreement as the others. Maintaining innocence in the face of the crushing wheels of justice is the ultimate act of vanity, he believes.

“I understand what he’s saying,” Barker says. “I think he’s making a bad decision in the long run. Being branded a sex offender is not good; but at the same time, if it made the difference between spending 10 years as opposed to two? Is it worth sitting in prison for eight more years, and you’re still gonna be a sex offender when you get out?”

Barker is quick to point out that he offered Wilson a plea after he’d been found guilty — the first time he has ever done that. Of course, the plea was the same five years he’d offered before the trial — not taking into account the rape acquittal. Barker thinks five years is fair for receiving oral sex from a schoolmate. None of the other defendants insisted on a jury trial. Wilson did. He rolled the dice, and he lost. The others, he says, “took their medicine.”

(Emphasis added)

Five years for letting a girl of 15 do you when you’re 17, but if you reamed her and creamed her and gave her a child it would be one year or less? That is insane. He is a royal ass and this is a terrible miscarriage of justice–a life wasted for nothing.