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The letter by “Happy to Be Safe Living in Canada” was bad enough, but your response was most disturbing.  Your agreement, “Yes, people kill each other, but it is a lot easier if you have a gun,” is incomplete thinking.  The bad guys will always be able to get guns.  They will always want to be better armed than their intended victims.  Should a bad guy come after my child with a knife, or even a pitchfork, like happened in California, I would happily use a gun to defend my little boy.  Should that bad guy be a 17 year-old “gangsta” strung-out on dope, this Canadian would then count him as a child, one of those poor innocent we slaughter daily.  It’s a lot easier to stay alive when you have access to a gun at a critical moment.

The statistics quoted in the letter are most suspect, too.  There are fifteen American children killed by guns each day?  According to the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, in 1998 there were 3,792 deaths of “kids” aged 19 and younger by firearms.  Yikes!  But, wait – that’s less than 11 per day, and of those, 2,215 were of “legal intent.” Another 31 were due to “legal intervention.” What doe that mean?  That’s 2,246 criminals stopped by either a police officer’s gun or a citizen’s gun.  Of the remaining 546 firearm related deaths, I bet a bunch are of criminal “children” involved in gang killings.  When you really get into these numbers, you find that the anti-rights people have a habit of skewing numbers to make them look better for their cause.  Need more deaths per day to give as a quote?  Include “kids” up to the age of 24, then, attribute all those deaths to evil guns.  That’s how to get to the “15 kids every day” type of nonsense. If you look for the number of kids aged 14 and under, the total is 612 deaths by firearms for all reasons.  That’s a lot less than 15 per day, isn’t it?  Many kids could be saved by basic firearms instruction.  Rule #1 is that the gun is loaded. Teaching that rule could have saved 121 from “unintentional” shootings — so many kids!

Comparing the US to other countries is also done quite selectively.  Notice the numbers for England quoted come from 1996.  Since then, British have outlawed most firearms and effectively disarmed the populace.  That explains more recent headlines about their rapidly exploding crime problem.  The criminals have free reign.  The same thing has happened in Australia since they confiscated almost all handguns – a double digit and better growth in crime.  A study of crime victimization conducted by Leiden University in Holland and published by the Dutch justice ministry shows the US is safer than most other developed countries – including Canada.;).  The rankings?  Australia is #1 in overall crime victimization.  England and Wales, the Netherlands, Sweden and Canada follow, in that order.  Canada is 5th in overall victimization and 3rd in violent crime victimization, while the U.S. isn’t even in the top ten of either list.  You still think we should be more like them?  Please!

One final note from the heart, not the head:  The Bill of Rights protects our God-given rights to free speech, free worship, etc.  As a commissioned officer, now retired, I swore an oath to fight for those rights with my life, if need be.  All of these rights were originally bought by citizens who laid down their lives on the line while using the guns they’d brought from their homes. One of those rights remains our right to bear arms in defense of freedom. The Quislings who disagreed, and supported the tyrant king, eventually went to loyalist Canada.  You want us to be more like them?  God forbid