Legalization will destroy homes

Here is something nobody has thought of, how will legalization affect the housing market? Many homeowners who rely on medical marijuana for their own personal health have no legal options right now aside from growing it on their own. They set up a room, pick out a couple LED grow lights, and go to town. But what many haven’t considered is how the humidity will affect the structural integrity of the home. Indoor grow operations are designed to replicate the environmental factors of the middle east, where marijuana grows easily. This means lots of moisture, lots of heat, and lots of power being used.

Let’s say that you’re a landlord. You work hard for your money, and use real estate to grow your nest-egg so you can one day retire comfortably. You decide to rent your apartment to a friendly, quiet tenant who always pays his rent on time. At first, you have no problem with him being a medical marijuana patient. But according to the law, the only way he can get his medication in California is to grow it himself.

This means that he’s going to be setting up his grow equipment in your home. It’s not that he’s a dishonest man, it’s that this is the only way he’s able to receive treatment.

What happens if you start to get mold in your home? What happens if liquid damages the framing? Unfortunately, your home is no longer hospitable, and your nest egg is gone.

What the government needs to do is make medical marijuana available through the appropriate channels. Many states have already approved it. Why are we crippling the supply chain? Didn’t america used to be a free market? Today, we’re so wrapped up in bureaucracy and red tape that we’re giving up tax revenue while restricting the legal rights of our citizens.

If marijuana is legal, it should be fully legal. There is no sense puttering around in this quazi legal nonsense state where everyone is losing.

So what does this mean for home owners? Well, for now you’re going to have to keep tabs on your building. If there is an improperly set up grow operation in place, you could be on the hook for some pretty significant damage. Personally, i’d encourage anyone who needs medical marijuana to set up a green house. This is something that could be enjoyed by future tenants as well, as there are a wide range of purposes.