It’s Official: I’m OLD

The other day I was at another company’s place and found myself on the same elevator as a nice young lady (she actually said ‘Hello’ when I got on). Turned out we were going to the same offices. She sat down in their lobby.

“Looking for someone?” I asked.

“My father, Larry Johanson,” she answered. [ Note: names change to protect the guilty. ]

“I know him! I’ll tell him you’re here.”

I then went looking for Larry. Didn’t find him though. When I went back out to tell her, she was gone. Larry must have come in after us and met her in the lobby. I ran into Larry the next day and told him how nice his daughter was. He started laughing his behind off. He almost doubled over before regaining his composure. Then he broke the bad news.

“I know. She said some old man had offered to look for me.”

OUCH! That hurt.

A couple of days later I ran into Larry again. He told me how he’d described my reaction to his daughter, and reminded her that he was just a bit younger than me.

“But Dad–you’re old, too!”

When those younger than you are old, it’s official. Thus: