Secret Laws

You are SUBJECT to them but you are NOT allowed to SEE them.

John Gilmore tried to get on an airplane without an ID. No lugguge or carry-on, just him. They wouldn’t let him. He sued. Now, John Gilmore has lost his case.

Supreme Court Rejects Airport ID Challenge Wires
Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2007

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge to federal airport regulations requiring passengers to show identification before they board planes.

The justices, without comment, let stand an appeals court ruling against Libertarian activist and millionaire John Gilmore. Gilmore wanted the court to force the federal government to disclose the policy that requires passengers to produce identification.

Unless the regulations are made public, air travelers have no way to determine if the regulations call for impermissible searches, Gilmore said in court papers. The Justice Department has said that demanding ID protects passengers’ safety.

The case is Gilmore v. Gonzales, 06-211.

Get that last part. You must obey because the TSA says its a regulation. Failure to obey means jail. Anybody who thinks they have right at an airport checkpoint is nuts. We all know what we can’t say or do at an airport check point. But we only “know” that because of their public pronouncements. You are not allowed to actually see the rules.

Welcome to the secret police state. It’s not some science fiction story, it’s here. Once you start down this path, it’s an easy slide to the bottom. IDs for train travel? Long-trip bus rides? Cab rides? Entry to stadiums? Where does it stop? It doesn’t. The only question is what’s next.

I grieve for the Republic of free citizens we used to enjoy. I still love America, get me not wrong. I’d still step between the president and a gunman (yes, Kurt, even a “President Hillary.”) I am that loyal to the Constitution, even if the Nine Boobs In Black are not.

God Help Us, every one.