Silvarodo Theater Has a BIG Problem

It seems the break-in on WakkaWakka’s car was not uncommon

Back on 12 Jan, WakkaWakka went to see a movie at Santikos Silverado 16 Theater (located on 1604 near Bandera Road). He screwed up and missed getting into the 7PM show, so he went to the 9:45 PM showing. Big mistake. From the letter I wrote them:

We frequently attend the 7 PM showings of movies at Silverado. When exiting at 9 PM, we often have the impression that your business was a “wild and wooly place” at night.

With some trepidation, we allowed our son to attend the 9:45 PM showing of Primeval on Friday night, January 12, 2007. He parked his car in the area between your establishment and your neighboring strip mall.

Before the movie, there appeared to be a fight in the large common parking lot, near Taco Cabana, to which a police cruiser had responded.

After the movie, which ended about 11:30 PM, he discovered that some hoodlums had attempted to pry the car’s driver-side door open. The must have been using a crow bar, judging by the damage done to the rear door and the holes punctured into the inner portion of the front door.

The driver’s door can no longer be unlocked using the key. Both doors will need to be repaired or replaced.


This evening (Sunday), we let MyVirtualDaughter attend the 4PM showing of Freedom Writers. When arriving to pick her up afterwards, we noticed a police car parked by a truck, and parts of the truck’s dash on the ground. I walked over for a chat. The truck’s lock had been popped. It was one of three that had been burgled–in broad daylight! The guy I talked to also noted that some hood had recently broken into his car there, too.

We will no longer go there after dark, nor will we attend if we can’t get a very visible parking spot, even during the day. Beware: Silverado is a nice theater–except for the all the thieves preying on those leaving their cars in the parking lot!