Legalization will destroy homes

Here is something nobody has thought of, how will legalization affect the housing market? Many homeowners who rely on medical marijuana for their own personal health have no legal options right now aside from growing it on their own. They set up a room, pick out a couple LED grow lights, and go to town. But what many haven’t considered is how the humidity will affect the structural integrity of the home. Indoor grow operations are designed to replicate the environmental factors of the middle east, where marijuana grows easily. This means lots of moisture, lots of heat, and lots of power being used.

Let’s say that you’re a landlord. You work hard for your money, and use real estate to grow your nest-egg so you can one day retire comfortably. You decide to rent your apartment to a friendly, quiet tenant who always pays his rent on time. At first, you have no problem with him being a medical marijuana patient. But according to the law, the only way he can get his medication in California is to grow it himself.

This means that he’s going to be setting up his grow equipment in your home. It’s not that he’s a dishonest man, it’s that this is the only way he’s able to receive treatment.

What happens if you start to get mold in your home? What happens if liquid damages the framing? Unfortunately, your home is no longer hospitable, and your nest egg is gone.

What the government needs to do is make medical marijuana available through the appropriate channels. Many states have already approved it. Why are we crippling the supply chain? Didn’t america used to be a free market? Today, we’re so wrapped up in bureaucracy and red tape that we’re giving up tax revenue while restricting the legal rights of our citizens.

If marijuana is legal, it should be fully legal. There is no sense puttering around in this quazi legal nonsense state where everyone is losing.

So what does this mean for home owners? Well, for now you’re going to have to keep tabs on your building. If there is an improperly set up grow operation in place, you could be on the hook for some pretty significant damage. Personally, i’d encourage anyone who needs medical marijuana to set up a green house. This is something that could be enjoyed by future tenants as well, as there are a wide range of purposes.

USAF Aircraft Identification Chart


I had to look for it to get it here. The place where I found it, My Confined Space, has some political and anti-Christian stuff I don’t like, but there is also LOTS of funny stuff.

MyLovelyWife liked the Place Cat Here screen background.

I like They Blow Up So Fast.

I certainly DON’T like the Can You Recognize A Terrorist? cartoon. I may need to do a later post on that one….

Secret Laws

You are SUBJECT to them but you are NOT allowed to SEE them.

John Gilmore tried to get on an airplane without an ID. No lugguge or carry-on, just him. They wouldn’t let him. He sued. Now, John Gilmore has lost his case.

Supreme Court Rejects Airport ID Challenge Wires
Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2007

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge to federal airport regulations requiring passengers to show identification before they board planes.

The justices, without comment, let stand an appeals court ruling against Libertarian activist and millionaire John Gilmore. Gilmore wanted the court to force the federal government to disclose the policy that requires passengers to produce identification.

Unless the regulations are made public, air travelers have no way to determine if the regulations call for impermissible searches, Gilmore said in court papers. The Justice Department has said that demanding ID protects passengers’ safety.

The case is Gilmore v. Gonzales, 06-211.

Get that last part. You must obey because the TSA says its a regulation. Failure to obey means jail. Anybody who thinks they have right at an airport checkpoint is nuts. We all know what we can’t say or do at an airport check point. But we only “know” that because of their public pronouncements. You are not allowed to actually see the rules.

Welcome to the secret police state. It’s not some science fiction story, it’s here. Once you start down this path, it’s an easy slide to the bottom. IDs for train travel? Long-trip bus rides? Cab rides? Entry to stadiums? Where does it stop? It doesn’t. The only question is what’s next.

I grieve for the Republic of free citizens we used to enjoy. I still love America, get me not wrong. I’d still step between the president and a gunman (yes, Kurt, even a “President Hillary.”) I am that loyal to the Constitution, even if the Nine Boobs In Black are not.

God Help Us, every one.

Your Opinions, PLEASE

Just how strong do you think my reaction should be?

There is a young male who attends the same school as MyVirtualDaughter. She is 16, he is 17. They have been doing some “dating” (highly and closely supervised). He sent this to her on her MySpace account:

GIVE IT A SHOT HAVE SOME FUN! If We Had Sex GAME (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out) DONT BE SCARED. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO REALLY WANTS TO DO YOU !

1. Would you be in control?
2. Would you pull my hair?
3. Would u whisper in my ear
4. Would you talk dirty to me?
5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?
6. Would you say my name?
7. Would you go down on me?
8. Would you let me give you a hickie?
9. How many rounds would we go?
10. What would you wanna do afterwards?
11. Would you take off all ur clothes then take mine off slowly?
12. Would you lick and bite me all over?
13. Would you like 2 play or get straight to the point?
14. Would you want me to take my time?
15. Would u fall asleep with me when we were done?
16. fast or slow?
17. Where would u wanna “do it” at?
18 Would u be loud or quiet?
19. Would you mind if i licked you?
20. Would u let me cum on you if yes where?
21. Would you do it 2day?
22. Would you do it 2morrow?
23. Are you going to re-post these so I can answer them for you?

I have already sent him a message on MySpace saying that MyLovelyWife and I are “****DISPLEASED*****”.

Any suggestions on other appropriate responses?

10 Years With No Parole for a “Lewinski”

Was this REALLY “aggravated child molestation?” NO!

Saw this on Drudge…Here’s a kid who at 17 let a 15-year-old give him a Lewinski special and now is doing 10 years for it.

Problem is, some other girl at the party claimed she’d been raped. That’s not what the video showed, though. But the police also noticed this girl finishing off one boy, then turning to start on another. She was 15, he was 17. Now, if he’d been boffing her, that would have been a simple misdemeanor. But a BJ? Oh, no–that’s a felony. With a ten year mandatory minimum sentence (a fact the jury was not allowed to know).

The prosecutor is an ass. A certifiable, in-your-face-shit-head:

Every story needs a villain, and in this one, the villain’s hat has been placed squarely on the head of Barker, the prosecutor and a former college baseball player. Barker doesn’t write the laws in the books to the left of his desk. He simply punishes those who break them.

“We didn’t want him to get the 10 years,” he says. “We understand there’s an element out there scratching their heads, saying, ‘How does a kid get 10 years under these facts?’ ”

In Barker’s eyes, Wilson should have taken the same plea agreement as the others. Maintaining innocence in the face of the crushing wheels of justice is the ultimate act of vanity, he believes.

“I understand what he’s saying,” Barker says. “I think he’s making a bad decision in the long run. Being branded a sex offender is not good; but at the same time, if it made the difference between spending 10 years as opposed to two? Is it worth sitting in prison for eight more years, and you’re still gonna be a sex offender when you get out?”

Barker is quick to point out that he offered Wilson a plea after he’d been found guilty — the first time he has ever done that. Of course, the plea was the same five years he’d offered before the trial — not taking into account the rape acquittal. Barker thinks five years is fair for receiving oral sex from a schoolmate. None of the other defendants insisted on a jury trial. Wilson did. He rolled the dice, and he lost. The others, he says, “took their medicine.”

(Emphasis added)

Five years for letting a girl of 15 do you when you’re 17, but if you reamed her and creamed her and gave her a child it would be one year or less? That is insane. He is a royal ass and this is a terrible miscarriage of justice–a life wasted for nothing.

Wine.Com Just Delivered!

With gift certificate in hand, we decided to give it a try. Wow!

MyLovelyWife gave me a gift certificate for a while back. We finally got on and ordered some last Wednesday evening.

After a hard day at work (left here at 6:15 AM, got home at 7:10 PM) I didn’t realize what good news the “Ding-Dong” was. It was the UPS guy. When wine is delivered, someone who is sober and over the age of 21 must sign for it. She qualified; I no longer do (hick!) Our box contained two bottles and I was impressed at the way it’s packed.

1. Yalumba NV Museum Reserve Muscat (A half bottle; Item No. 15675, $18.99). From

The production of premium fortified wine has long been part of the history at Yalumba. Founder Samuel Smith first made port back in the 1860s, and the South Australian Governor (1914-1920) Sir Henry L Galway selected his own personal “pipes” from the Yalumba bodega.

Today Yalumba maintains its reputation for its premium quality fortified wines by occasionally releasing very small parcels of Show Reserve stocks. This old Muscat was sourced from the Rutherglen and other Northern traditional areas of Victoria then blended and stored in French oak puncheons in our marble cellars at Angaston for eight years.

Made from the red and pink clones of the Muscat, a petite grains grape variety, this luscious dessert wine displays all the characteristics of this classic Australian wine style.

COLOUR: Deep tawny red.

BOUQUET: Classic rose petal and orange rind of the Muscat grape.

PALATE: Full, luscious middle. Richly flavoured, reminiscent of raisined fruits, nuts and spices. Sweet and soft yet unclaying finish. Incredible persistence of flavours.

This is a dessert wine. Haven’t tried it yet.

2. Saracco 2006 Moscato d’Asti (Item No: 87782, $15.29) This is a sweet, slightly bubbly delight. Hold on a minute–(Sip. Ah!)–thanks. From Wine.Com:

winemaker’s notes:
Paolo Saracco is known as “The Maestro of Moscato” and for good reason. His Moscato is perfumed with fresh peach, pear and white flowers. A gentle sparkle brightens the fruit and a tingle of sweetness hints of candied fruits.

Moscato d’ Asti is a unique wine where the beautiful aromas of the grapes are enhanced by a crisp, nice acidity, a light fizziness and the sweetness of the natural residual sugar. The low alcohol content makes this wine a very easy, pleasant wine – perfect for finishing a meal with dessert or without food as a nice mid-day break.

Oh, it is very, very good. Love it. LOVE it! On a scale of “1-to-10,” we both give it a “10.” Most very highly recommended, but–IT IS SOLD OUT! :-(

Euthanasia Marches On

Great Britain’s socialized medicine system is always looking for ways to save money

Some folks in Britain are afraid that if the go to the hospital, the doctors might decide to kill them. Humanely, of course. Just withhold fluids, like with Terri Shiavo. So:

Catholics’ ID aims to avert ward euthanasia

Paul Gallagher
Sunday January 14, 2007
The Observer

Catholics fearing an increasing acceptance of euthanasia in Britain are carrying religious ‘ID cards’ telling doctors not to withhold liquid from the patient.

Tens of thousands have been sold on the website of the Association of Catholic Women. It reads: ‘In case of my admission to hospital, please contact a Roman Catholic priest. I would like my nursing care to include fluids – however administered.’

A General Medical Council spokesman said it was unaware of the card, but insisted that staff and members would be referred to the GMC’s religious and ethical guidelines in ensuring respect for patients’ religious beliefs.

Don’t worry…that can’t possibly happen here. Right?

Hat tip to Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor Mail

Silvarodo Theater Has a BIG Problem

It seems the break-in on WakkaWakka’s car was not uncommon

Back on 12 Jan, WakkaWakka went to see a movie at Santikos Silverado 16 Theater (located on 1604 near Bandera Road). He screwed up and missed getting into the 7PM show, so he went to the 9:45 PM showing. Big mistake. From the letter I wrote them:

We frequently attend the 7 PM showings of movies at Silverado. When exiting at 9 PM, we often have the impression that your business was a “wild and wooly place” at night.

With some trepidation, we allowed our son to attend the 9:45 PM showing of Primeval on Friday night, January 12, 2007. He parked his car in the area between your establishment and your neighboring strip mall.

Before the movie, there appeared to be a fight in the large common parking lot, near Taco Cabana, to which a police cruiser had responded.

After the movie, which ended about 11:30 PM, he discovered that some hoodlums had attempted to pry the car’s driver-side door open. The must have been using a crow bar, judging by the damage done to the rear door and the holes punctured into the inner portion of the front door.

The driver’s door can no longer be unlocked using the key. Both doors will need to be repaired or replaced.


This evening (Sunday), we let MyVirtualDaughter attend the 4PM showing of Freedom Writers. When arriving to pick her up afterwards, we noticed a police car parked by a truck, and parts of the truck’s dash on the ground. I walked over for a chat. The truck’s lock had been popped. It was one of three that had been burgled–in broad daylight! The guy I talked to also noted that some hood had recently broken into his car there, too.

We will no longer go there after dark, nor will we attend if we can’t get a very visible parking spot, even during the day. Beware: Silverado is a nice theater–except for the all the thieves preying on those leaving their cars in the parking lot!

It’s Official: I’m OLD

The other day I was at another company’s place and found myself on the same elevator as a nice young lady (she actually said ‘Hello’ when I got on). Turned out we were going to the same offices. She sat down in their lobby.

“Looking for someone?” I asked.

“My father, Larry Johanson,” she answered. [ Note: names change to protect the guilty. ]

“I know him! I’ll tell him you’re here.”

I then went looking for Larry. Didn’t find him though. When I went back out to tell her, she was gone. Larry must have come in after us and met her in the lobby. I ran into Larry the next day and told him how nice his daughter was. He started laughing his behind off. He almost doubled over before regaining his composure. Then he broke the bad news.

“I know. She said some old man had offered to look for me.”

OUCH! That hurt.

A couple of days later I ran into Larry again. He told me how he’d described my reaction to his daughter, and reminded her that he was just a bit younger than me.

“But Dad–you’re old, too!”

When those younger than you are old, it’s official. Thus:


Breaking into computers for a living

One heck of a lot of fun!

Gather ye round, youngsters, and the old man will tell you a story.

Once upon a time, I broke into computers for a living. The USAF has a squadron that provides this service to AF bases and other organizations. Let’s say the wing commander wants to know how secure his systems are. He arranges a visit. There will be just one or two other people, called “Trusted Agents” who’d know we were coming. They’d provide a room and an access point into the base network. Then, the team does their magic. They usually “own” the base systems within 24 hours. That means gaining administrator level privileges on the base’s Windows domain and on the of the Windows domain of the major organizations. Always within a few days. They have never failed.

God, I miss that job.

Before you do anything, the one essential is the “get out of jail pass”–the letter from the base commander authorizing the activity. Until one with my name and his or her signature was in my pocket, there was no way I’d touch a keyboard. That way, if the man with the M-16 say “take your hands off the keyboard” (it has happened, but not to me, thank God) you don’t go to jail. Without the letter, it’s a felony.

It’s fun learning how to pick locks and crack passwords (well, I was cracking passwords back in 1989, so I already knew that). It’s a riot to roam through a building, checking out systems. Look! This guy has his user name and password written on a paper taped to the bottom of his keyboard. How thoughtful. Oh, and this system has no password on the screen saver. Hmm…who am I logged in as here? “Ima Loser,” I’d guess.

Once you have domain admin, you’ve got access to the SAM (and thus the passwords file). Time to run a crack! Let’s see, who has weak passwords…? The Comm Squadron commander has “Dallas#1” as his? For shame. “ILuvChevy” is is cute. Those come forth in minutes. Give it a few hours to work through the dictionary and you get a lot–a LOT–of passwords.

Never base your password on a real word or a name.

The out-brief is a gas. You have the Wing commander there sometimes, but almost always the Com Squadron commander and his staff. They almost always have crackable passwords. One of the slides will be a list of passwords we’ve found, but with no names attached. Most people in the room see their password up there. The looks on their faces are priceless.

God, I miss that.

Sometimes, it’s just some individual organization that wants an assessment. That’s how I learned about the Airborne Laser. I played a small part–I helped secure the systems of those building it.

Ah, the good old days.

One aspect was having a clearance. Never did anything with classified, but we might touch systems bound to be used for classified work, so had to have a clearance. That means filling out a Form 398, PERSONNEL SECURITY QUESTIONNAIRE (PSQ). God, back in the 1970s and 1980s (I’ OLD, I tell ya!) you did it on a typewriter. It was HARD! Now, it’s computerized. What’s your mother’s date and place of birth? Detail each place you have lived for the last ten years. List all employers, with points of contact, and describe the jobs. Provide the bra size of every girl you managed to “feel up” in high school…. It just goes on and on.

God help you if you have close and continuing contact with foreigners, like say, family in China. There is only one thing worse: drugs. If you’re on a psycho-active drug, even by prescription, they look at you very carefully. Wellbutrin? How often do you take it? Two weeks later: how often have you refilled the prescription? A week after that: Sorry to bother you again, but what was this for, exactly? Yes, you told us before, but could you clarify that? The next week: Hello again. Exactly when do you increase or decrease how much you take? Your doctor said you could do that? Could you just clarify….?

It would be easier to have a mistress who was provided by the Chinese embassy. Then it’s be simple: A Chinese mistress? OK. Is she hot? Oh, she is. Getting it on, are you. Well, of course, I’ll just bet you are. Telling her any secrets? No, you aren’t? Really? That’s good. Hmm…OK–Here’s your clearance, you lucky dog!

Of course, MyLovelyWife is a bit less forgiving than the adjudicators. She’s just too good a shot. I never went visiting the Chinese embassy….